Sunday, October 21, 2007

Busy in the house

Recently our house has been an extremely popular spot for fruit flies. So mummy and I bought a swat, some fly paper and some fly spray and mummy got lots of tips off the internet for getting rid of them. Even I am a dab hand at spotting a fly and getting rid of it! It looks like we might have won the battle!
Mummy and Daddy don't let me drink water from the tap. They say it will make my belly sore so we have to get special filtered water which comes in these big bottles. We put them in a special metal frame which makes it easier to pour the water into jugs. I love water which makes mum and dad happy 'cause it's cheap!
Now that rainy season is almost over we decided to put some seed out for the birds. It feels lovely between my fingers.
And then we put it in a special little housey thingy. I haven't seen any birds at it yet though - I guess the word hasn't got around yet.
This is Frank. He fixed our broken lamp...and I helped him!

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