Sunday, May 04, 2008

A very long day

On Thursday morning we all got up very early and got into the car. We ended up at the airport. I'm not sure why we left so early - the airline gave our seats to someone else and we had to wait for the flight which left after 2pm! A little disappointing.
Can you see it on my face?
Oscar wonders what's for breakfast...
Well actually, breakfast is on the airline so eat as much as you can!
You'll need the energy for dragging your luggage around!
Putting in the time playing with mummy.
I'm not ready to sleep yet!
How excited I was - to finally get on an 'ay-pane'!
Early days - lots of smiles.
Lots to keep me entertained - magnets, stickers, movies, sweeties...
...sewing, reading, sleeping, Mr. Potato Head......
Helping Daddy to move the luggage from one belt to another in Newark. Where's that electric cart we were promised? Why are we running through the airport like lunatics?
23 hours after we left and still looking as fresh as a daisy!
Thanks to Nanny who kept Oscar sleeping, entertained, winded, and supplied with disposable bibs. Can we pay to take you back with us?
Such welcome faces on the other side. Hi Nonnie!
Helping Granda to load the car. More than happy to be on tierra firma once again
(even though about an hour before landing I looked out the window and excitedly said, "We're going on an airplane!").

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