Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Your place and mine

I just couldn't wait until Sunday to tell you about the coolest thing I did on Monday with my friend Romilly. Our friendship is very special because our mummies and daddies have been great friends since they lived in Scotland (I don't remember back then!) and Romilly is just 11 days older than me. The only problem is that we don't get to play together much because Romilly lives in the US. This is the last time we were together!
So our clever mummies got to work on a plan to make the best of a bad situation. First of all Romilly sent me a fabby top the same as one of hers and her mummy had the great idea that we could plan a cyber date i.e. we would do similar things on the same day, record it all in photos and video and catch up later on how it was for both of us.

We started out with a craft. We made a photo frame and we'll send our finished pieces to each other. I had fun with some artistic liberty...

Here are Pippa and Romilly busy at work

And here's my finished product. Shame I can't go to Philadelphia with the frame...

Next we were going to go to the park for a picnic which would have been lovely but thanks to a bad weather forecast up north it turned out even better. And it was cold in Mexico City too. Can you believe it! It was definitely meant to be!

The best part of MacDonalds is the play area of course and I had a LOT of fun

Looks like Romilly and Pippa did too!

Then it was back home but the fun wasn't over. I just love jelly and ice cream. And Romilly, my mummy says to listen to your Daddy on this one - it's jelly, not Jello! I'm too busy to smile! Oh, and I got my bruise falling off the chair onto a table. Silly table always gets in the way!

So I had lots of fun and slept incredibly well that night for some reason. It could only have been more fun if we had actually been in the same place but I was thinking of you Ro, and look - Ronald MacDonald even did his best to make me feel like you were there. Having fun with Ro!

So next time I might be in Northern Ireland. I'm going there tomorrow. Can't wait to do this again!
Check out more pictures of Pippa and Romilly by clicking here.

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